Websavers VPS Hosting Solutions

January 7, 2013

Web Hosting

Websavers web hosting is a company based in Novia Scotia, Canada. The company prides itself on providing socially responsible website hosting with data centres located in facilities across North America. Their focus is on providing secure and reliable hosting at the best price possible with customer service to match.

Websavers offers VPS hosting as part of their hosting plans. With VPS (Virtual Private Server) you can have a server that acts and can be controlled as if it were a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost of actually having to purchase a physical server. These servers are a great solution for hosting resellers that want to provide a webhosting solution without the high costs of buying and maintaining a server.

Websavers VPS hosting solutions are high performance and are intended for production use. They’re intended for users who are serious about hosted web site’s performance, availability and security. Websavers prides itself on their enhanced customer service offering that comes with VPS hosting ensuring that any technical issues or other problems are dealt with quickly and effectively. The company can also provide a managed VPS hosting solution that provides management of your VPS including monitoring and reporting of performance as well as providing automatic transparent backups.


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